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The Widest Range Of Adjustable Weights In The World

Allowing you to condense all the commercial free weights into a corner of your home while keeping aesthetic appeal.





Customer recommendation

Byzoom Fitness is both convenient and space-saving, making it super efficient for a quick workout at home. You can even bring the dumbbells for an exercise on the go. To me it's the king of adjustable dumbbells.

ZACK / WNBF Champion

The training equipment has a high-quality design, which makes me more energetic when training. It is also super convenient to carry when going out. It is very practical and I like it very much!

Green Island diving instructor Jying

It is fast and convenient, and the overall design also adds a sense of fashion to the dumbbells. The key point is that it does not take up a lot of space like traditional dumbbells.


It looks good, is fashionable, is very comfortable to wear, and has good training effects. Whether it is to strengthen the buttocks or tighten the upper limbs, it is perfect for practicality!

Mimi loves sports

Even if you have no time for the gym, you can do a quick workout at home. And if you don't use them, they look super stylish at home!

Rody/Bikini Bodybuilding Championship

For me the 55lb adjustable dumbbells are both easy to carry but with enough weight to get a great workout. I can use them anywhere! The weight increments are perfect for the whole family to use so we avoid buying a bunch of different dumbbells. On top of that it's also a great gift to bring along.

Green / Dream Cup Classical Third Runner-up


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