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BYZOOM FITNESS is a home fitness brand focusing on invention and innovation. Our mission is to provide high-quality fitness products for a limited home space. We created the brand BYZOOM FITNESS because the high-speed lifestyle in everyday life makes it difficult to find time for training; traffic jams, bosses pushing deadlines, accountability, long working hours and taking care of family members leaves no time to make it to the gym.

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Customer recommendation

  • 3t64 1.png (191 KB) ZACK / WNBF Champion

    Byzoom Fitness is both convenient and space-saving, making it super efficient for a quick workout at home. You can even bring the dumbbells for an exercise on the go. To me it's the king of adjustable dumbbells.

  • WEB-3.png (133 KB) 蔓蔓/WNBF Champion

    It is fast and convenient, and the overall design also adds a sense of fashion to the dumbbells.

  • web-6.png (203 KB) Green / Dream Cup Classical Third Runner-up

    For me the 55lb adjustable dumbbells are both easy to carry but with enough weight to get a great workout. I can use them anywhere! The weight increments are perfect for the whole family to use so we avoid buying a bunch of different dumbbells. On top of that it's also a great gift to bring along.

  • web-7.png (178 KB) Rody/Bikini Bodybuilding Championship

    Even if you have no time for the gym, you can do a quick workout at home. And if you don’t use them, they look super stylish at home!

  • web-4.png (131 KB) Mark/ WNBF PRO

    Fashionable design! Adjusted quickly! Simple and easy to use!

  • web-1.png (136 KB) Nick/ Fitness Trainer

    Whether it is the packaging or the product itself, the overall quality is amazing. And it's a great home decoration if you don't use them.

  • okrr_1.png (188 KB) Charlie/Fitness Enthusiasts

    Intuitive design and very easy to use, it can be your gym everywhere you go. The stylish design makes me like it just by looking at it.

  • 3044ke_.png (87 KB) Rock/ Fitness Enthusiasts

    The perfect balance of beauty and strength. Let's you adjust 15 weights in one dumbbell.

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Byzoom Fitness adjustable weights not only have an easy weight adjustment, they are also space-saving to store in just a corner of your home. Create your own home gym and work out in style with our high-quality fitness products