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COUPLE WORKOUT Home fitness for two people

Today I will show you how to create a two-person home fitness space for couples who share the same fitness hobby or roommates who live together!

▍Fitness type ▍
⓵ Couples who are pursuing improvement in physical fitness and posture together or good friends ⓶ Moderate to severe fitness partners who maintain a fixed amount of training together every week ⓷ Fitness enthusiasts who are accustomed to having someone supervising and encouraging them together and are keen to exercise together

▍Home space style ▍
British industrial style, LOFT, modern minimalist style, cement powder floor

▍How to start building? ▍
Using the product characteristics of the adjustable fitness equipment itself, it can quickly change different weights and meet the different training weight needs of boys/girls. Using a limited space, just purchase different equipment such as dumbbells and kettlebells (or add a fitness chair), so that two people can perform different training at the same time. Even if they cross-use equipment with each other during the process, they can easily switch to each other. , don’t worry about the inconvenience of adjusting BYZOOM equipment, and create more beautiful memories for you that are exclusive to the two of you!