/EP6/ — Lady Gym ➜ your new source of power

/EP6/ — Lady Gym ➜ 質感極致女力
Designed for the ladies. Elegant and beautiful dumbbells that can be converted into barbells in a matter of seconds. Together with the kettlebell this set covers both your strength and cardio needs effortlessly.
▍Recommended for ▍
⓵ Fitness enthusiasts who care both about good quality and product design
⓶ Those who spend 2-3 times a week in the gym to maintain their fitness level
⓷ Anyone who prefers an elegant home gym that fits in seamlessly into any existing decoration
▍ Home gym style  ▍
Clean and bright European home gym with an elegant touch
▍Features ▍
This pure series was especially designed for women who prefer an elegant home gym that blends into their interior design. Switch between dumbbells or barbells in no time and add a kettlebell for more cardio exercises. Designed with a minimal footprint, this gym fits in any corner of your house.
▍Add-ons for the gym ▍
⓵ 12.5 / 25lb adjustable dumbbell
⓶ 30lb adjustable kettlebell
⓷ Easy Bar

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