Muscle gain and fat loss group

Get rid of the calorie-ridden fat

Did you eat too many during the New Year?

We have selected the most suitable training equipment
menu to help you get rid of the calorie fat as soon as possible!

However, please note that if you want to successfully lose weight, you still have to pay attention to the nutritional intake of three meals a day!

#dumbbell training

Not only can it increase muscle and help burn more fat, it can also promote glucose metabolism. Variety of training weights, which can be switched at any time according to the needs of different muscle groups.

#speed jump rope

Do some jumping rope aerobic exercise after dumbbell training to extend the fat burning time.

#weight bracelet

If you want to double the effectiveness of exercise, you can also consider adding exercise-specific weight rings to the above combination and wear them on your limbs. The overall calorie burning effect will also be stronger.

#natural thick yoga mat

While exercising, a highly supportive yoga mat can give you a more comfortable fitness experience!