/EP4/ — Wonder Woman ➜ Train efficiently

/EP4/ — Wonder Woman ➜ 高效女子健身
A lighter set of gym equipment which allows you to convert dumbbells into barbells. Together with our kettlebell this home gym is great for those who are looking to tone the body and build muscles.
▍Recommended for ▍
⓵ Women with a sitting job who would like to keep fit during off-hours
⓶ Women who like to exercise about 2-3 times a week to maintain a healthy lifestyle
⓷ Women who prefer to work out in the privacy of their homes
▍Home gym style ▍
Nordic style with warm elements such as wooden floor and fireplace

▍Features ▍
A unique home gym set-up with a pair of dumbbells and a kettlebell for women who like to exercise efficiently. Complete an all-round workout to increase your strength and flexibility in no time. All products are easy to store while adding an elegant touch to your interior design.
▍Add-ons for the gym ▍
⓵ 12.5 or 25LB adjustable dumbbell
⓶ 30LB adjustable kettlebell
⓷ Easy bar

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