/EP3/ — Couple Workout ➜ push each other to the next level

/EP3/ — Couple Workout ➜ 雙人居家健身
Compact and economical set up that every fitness fan should have. The set takes virtually a single corner at home when stored and can replace more than 20 free weights all together. You can do a full body workout to train all muscle groups to stay fit, healthy and improve your other athletic endeavors.
▍Recommended for ▍
⓵ Couples or friends who want to improve their physique together
⓶ Anyone with a similar fitness level and weekly workout regime
⓷ Fitness enthusiasts who prefer working out in pairs to push each other to new levels

▍Home gym style ▍
British industrial style, LOFT style, Modern minimalist style, Cement powder floor style
▍Features  ▍
Our adjustable weights gives you enough space to work out together. Quickly adjust between different weights to fit both partner’s needs perfectly. Add a kettlebell or barbell to the gym so both can work out at the same time.
▍Add-ons for the gym ▍
⓵ 55LB Adjustable Dumbbell
⓶ 40LB Adjustable Kettlebell
⓷ Foldable Bench

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