/EP1/ — Serious Lifter ➜ Workout fanatic

/EP1/ — Serious Lifter ➜ 健身狂熱者
We offer sets of dumbbells that have the most weight selections in the world. With 21 weight varieties the range rivals the dumbbell racks offered in commercial gyms. Our equipment is a great substitute for those who are looking to make some serious gains at home.
Recommended for
⓵ Fitness fanatics who continuously want to sculpt their body to perfection
⓶ Anyone focusing on competing in bodybuilding challenges
⓷ Those who live and breathe fitness
Home gym style
Loft style, raw concrete style, modern style, dark and calm style.

Use our classic line to set up an entire gym at home. With 21 weight adjustments you can push your body to the next level while your back rests comfortably on our foldable bench. Add a kettlebell for an extra variety of cardio exercises. With its space-saving design you can easily store it away after a successful workout.
Add-ons for the gym  
⓵ 75LB Adjustable Dumbbell
⓶ Adjustable Dumbbell Stand
⓷ 80LB Adjustable Barbell
⓸ 50LB Adjustable Kettlebell
⑤ Foldable Bench

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