【Weight Bracelet】Fashionable accessories, suitable for various sports situations !


A flick of the traditional sandbag or lead weight shape leaves a shadow in your mind

Byzoom Weighted Bracelet is a weight bracelet with a multi-faceted design, a variety of colors and weights for you to choose from. It increases resistance and improves exercise efficiency. It is the most fashionable and suitable sports accessory for various situations.

1. The multi-faceted design of the shape structure is more fashionable, more dazzling, and full of the beauty of craftsmanship

The beveled surface and beautiful texture will catch your eye at first sight.

2. Burn your calories! Increasing resistance weight can effectively improve exercise efficiency

Accelerating fat burning efficiency, a pair of bracelets can help you burn more calories at the same time, tighten muscles, beautify lines, and do yoga, Pilates, aerobics, stretching and other exercises.

3. Elastically worn on the wrist or ankle, suitable for various sports situations. You can exercise outdoors or at home.

There is no need to spend money on special anklet specifications, one set can be used universally, making it more comfortable and convenient for you to exercise the way you want.

4. A variety of fashionable colors can be matched at will, from 0.5kg to 2kg, it’s up to you to choose

Three colors - obsidian black, glacier white, rose gold, three specifications, 0.5kg, 1kg, 2kg

5. The elasticity can be adjusted and the webbing is removable and washable. You don’t have to worry about the wrong size. You can train your hands or feet simply or together.

It comes with two sections of webbing designed for thoughtful binding, making it easier to adjust the left and right webbings. It is also detachable and washable, which is convenient and hygienic.

6. Exclusively designed storage bag, easier to carry

Stylish weight bracelet comes with a textured velvet storage bag.

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