Subverting the new future of home fitness - Pure Series Set | Hot on sale

顛覆居家健身新未來 - Pure Series Set | 火熱搶購中

Subvert imagination, ultimate functional aesthetics

With the Pure Series Set, you can fully immerse yourself in training. The Pure Series Set has a variety of training equipment at one time and can be quickly combined into a barbell. The weight adjustment in seconds can subvert the previous training experience and make your training more effective. You can enjoy your training time at home and anywhere, and it can also become a stylish home decoration when you are not training, even in your busy daily life. , and there is no need to interrupt your personal training program. No matter where you are or what you're doing, the Pure Series Set has what you need to create your own home gym without compromise.

1. Own dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells at once to meet various training needs

"Adjust weight in seconds", "Length changes with weight", "Combined with delicate texture of glacier white color", "Super non-slip metal bite handle". No matter how you want to train, you'll have what you need all at once with the Pure Series Set so you can enjoy training to the fullest.

2. Subversive separation design and lightweight furnishings

Pure Series Set follows ergonomic height and has a unique functional and aesthetic separate design. Different from traditional bulky dumbbell sets, it is light, easy to move and saves space, making it a gym anywhere at home.

3. Original design, fast switching clips

The patented clip structure allows for fast switching between dumbbells and flexible barbell training equipment. Traditional weight equipment no longer occupies the home space for multi-dimensional training. In the new future of home training, "every home is a gym."

4. Smart design, the size can be changed as you like

Switching the length according to different weights breaks through the traditional fixed size limit. Different weight selections and length adjustments can be easily operated with one hand, making training more diverse and convenient.

5. Quick Change twist adjustment

Twist the design with one hand to quickly and accurately select 5 weights. Solve the problems caused by slow weight change and insufficient weight selection of traditional kettlebells.

Subvert imagination-Pure Series Set is now available

※ From 4/25 to 5/31, be the first to pre-order the Pure Series Set to enjoy huge discounts (set includes: 12.5LB/25LB adjustable dumbbells Available for purchase from Fitness cooperative distributors and self-operated e-commerce stores