BYZOOM participated in the SPOEX 2024 exhibition in South Korea


BYZOOM participated in South Korea's SPOEX 2024 and the event was a huge success.

Standing on this global competitive exhibition stage, we specifically showcased the latest evolved version of the 100LB adjustable dumbbell, which was exclusively revealed in Taiwan last year. Based on the feedback from fitness enthusiasts who tried it at that time, we refined and improved the product.

And the second stop of the global tour for this new release was chosen to be in South Korea, where the fitness culture is flourishing. We opened it up for experiencing there, and indeed, it garnered tremendous attention from fitness enthusiasts in South Korea during last week's SPOEX event.

What made it even more special was the live product durability test at the booth. A TV nearby repeatedly played videos showing the product being dropped from a height of 3 meters and undergoing a test with a 300kg load on the dovetail slot.

Allowing every fitness enthusiast to personally experience the product's outstanding quality and appearance, we also aim to showcase BYZOOM's dedication to quality and safety standards.

Now, let's witness together how much Korean oppas loved this heavyweight new release!