【BYZOOM ╳ Rakuten】E-commerce badminton competition

【BYZOOM ╳ 樂天】電商羽球爭霸賽

The E-commerce Badminton Championship hosted by Rakuten Market came to a thrilling conclusion on March 2, 2024, at the Datong Sports Center.

Although it was dubbed a 'battle,' there was no hint of competition in the air; instead, it was a joyful gathering of e-commerce peers coming together to connect and have a great time! Especially since many players encountered BYZOOM for the first time that day, the initial feedback on our products was overwhelmingly positive.

We initially thought the specially prepared grand prize—adjustable dumbbells—would be taken home by ourselves, but to our surprise... the members of Team BYZOOM were so eager to share this prize that they intentionally engineered opportunities for other teams to win the adjustable dumbbells. It was a fantastic chance for them to fall in love with BYZOOM!

On the day of the event, the organizers also arranged a showdown between two popular cheerleading teams from the Chinese Professional Baseball League — Fubon Angels Team versus Rakuten Girls Team.