【BYZOOM ╳ GKBB】2023 Genghis Khan National Bodybuilding Open

【BYZOOM ╳ GKBB】2023成吉思汗全國健美公開賽

Byzoom once again exclusively sponsors the wonderful records in the players’ warm-up area

Before going on stage, the contestants work hard to engorge their muscles, just to show their best condition on the stage.

Always give your best in the process

To the players who have worked hard to prepare for the game during this period, I would like to say thank you. Without your hard work and dedication, there would not be such an exciting and beautiful game that day.

I have to admire that the bodybuilding competitions in Taiwan are getting stronger and stronger, and the level of the contestants is getting higher and higher. In such a highly competitive environment, the results of winning the championship are really respectable, regardless of whether you think the results are good or not. Satisfied, you can compete with so many outstanding bodybuilders. You have left a valuable learning and memory for your own fitness journey.

Let BYZOOM be your strongest partner on the training road in the days to come!