New Year scratch-off

新春重重有賞  龍總來刮刮卡活動


Byzoom Fitness has great rewards and the "dragon" always comes




Adjustable dumbbells, sports accessories, official website discount codes at least 25% off and many other gifts, with a total value of more than 200,000 yuan

Activity method

Anyone who purchases Byzoom Fitness products with a single purchase totaling more than 2,000 yuan will receive a scratch card (limited quantity, while supplies last)


1. The winner should abide by the redemption rules of each prize to redeem the prize; failure to comply will be deemed to have given up the right to win.

2. The winner joins Byzoom’s official Line and takes a photo to upload the front photo of the scratch card winning prize.

3. Byzoom Fitness reserves the right to final interpretation of this event and to modify it at any time. If there are any unspecified matters or changes, the announcement on the Byzoom Fitness official website will be the main one.

4. The scope of delivery of prizes for this event is limited to Taiwan, the Republic of China.

5. Winners are not allowed to request that the prizes be transferred to others, exchanged for cash or replaced with other products.

6. According to the tax laws of the Republic of China, if the award value is NT$1,001 (inclusive) or more, a photocopy of the ID card must be submitted for tax filing purposes. If the value of the award exceeds NT$20,000, you are required to pay 10% tax according to law, fill in the withholding voucher and send the income deduction (exemption) voucher in the following year. Nationals residing in the territory of the Republic of China (i.e., nationals and foreigners who have resided in the territory of the Republic of China for less than 183 days) must withhold a 20% chance winning tax on the winning income regardless of the amount of the prize. The winner will receive a withholding voucher for the winning income issued by the organizer in the following year. If the winner is unwilling to cooperate, it will be deemed as an automatic abstention and will not be eligible to win the prize. The winner agrees to pay taxes in accordance with relevant Taiwan tax laws, and agrees that the organizer may withhold (pay) relevant taxes in accordance with relevant laws.

7. In order to collect, process and utilize personal data, in accordance with the provisions of Article 8 of the "Personal Data Protection Act", winning consumers are informed of the following matters:
(1)Collected by: Furui Industrial Co., Ltd. (2) Purpose: scratch card activities and related matters. (3) Personal data category: C001 Personal identification, such as name, phone number, mobile phone number, and email address. (4) The collector will temporarily use the personal information in Taiwan for matters related to the scratch card activity. (5) The winner may inquire in writing or by email, or request to read, make a copy, request for supplement, correction, request to stop collection, processing and use, or request to delete. (6) Those who do not provide will be disqualified from winning the prize.

8. The organizer will respect the rights and interests of the winners and will never collect, process and use the personal information of the winners beyond the necessary scope for the above-mentioned specific purposes, and will not arbitrarily tamper with or disclose it without consent. If there is collection, processing and use that exceeds the necessary scope for the above specific purposes, the organizer will notify the winner in advance in writing, email, fax or other appropriate means and obtain the written consent of the winner.