/EP7/ — Designer gym ➜ Uplifting and bright design for a classy workout

/EP7/ — Designer gym ➜ 時尚鍛鍊潮人
Have your gym become part of your home and fit it seamlessly into any interior design. In addition to its elegant design it also comes with our patented adjustment mechanism which lets you switch between weights in seconds.
▍Recommended for ▍
⓵ Fitness enthusiasts who prefer classy gym equipment that is not always black
⓶ Those who exercise 3-4 times a week
⓷ Anyone who proudly wants to display their home gym
▍Home gym style ▍
Nordic style with an modern and classy twist, wooden floor
▍Features ▍
If your home is already decorated with elegant, high-quality furniture, it is essential to also add high-end fitness equipment that fits your interior outlook. The unique design and glacier white color of the Byzoom Fitness weights are inspired by modern furniture and blend in well in any stylish home. Work out in style and be proud of your home gym.
▍Add-ons for the gym ▍
➀ 75LB or 55LB adjustable dumbbell
➁ 75LB or 55LB adjustable dumbbell stand
➂ 80LB adjustable barbell
➃ 50 LB adjustable kettlebell
➄ Natural rubber yoga mat

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