PURE WHITE brand new 25KG (55LB) adjustable dumbbell and standing storage fitness chair|Tsk tsk fundraising plan debut

PURE WHITE 全新25KG(55LB)可調式啞鈴及站立收納健身椅|嘖嘖募資計畫 閃耀登場

Home-style aesthetics, PURE’s new weight makes its dazzling debut

BYZOOM has created the PURE WHITE series with both quality and functionality. The adjustable dumbbells and standing storage fitness chairs are specially designed for home exercisers. It is worth owning for those who have long been "lack of storage space" and "adhere to home style". PURE WHITE series! Integrate the training space into your daily life at home, and at the same time enhance the appearance of your home space!

1. Intelligent design length changes with weight

Breaking through the traditional fixed size, the length of dumbbells cannot be adjusted according to the weight. In order to give home fitness enthusiasts more and better experience, BYZOOM adjustable dumbbells only need to adjust different weights, and the length can change with the weight. There will be no one The long bracket is stuck, which affects the smoothness of training.

2.15 kinds of weight adjustment in seconds

Say goodbye to your traditional combination dumbbells. From now on, you don’t have to disassemble and assemble the weight to adjust it. With 15 weights, you can adjust multiple weights in seconds with just one pull.

3. Fashionable style, color matching and textured appearance

BYZOOM 25KG (55LB) 15 in 1 Adjustable Dumbbell PURE WHITE breaks through the limitations of traditional heavy training equipment and adopts exquisite color matching. It is most suitable for fitness friends who pay attention to the aesthetics of life, because we know that fitness is a very fashionable thing.

4. The safety card shaft is more secure to use.

The unique dovetail groove safety locking shaft design allows the dovetail groove and dumbbell plates to be tightly connected to each other, so you don't have to worry about the weight adjustment and the dumbbell plates falling off, giving you more peace of mind.

5. Craft-grade metal handle with diamond-shaped bite design

The craftsmanship-grade metal grip and rhombus pattern design are dedicated to every athlete who cares about hand feel. Even if your hands are sweaty, you can enjoy an extraordinary grip.

The new pinnacle of storage functional aesthetics, standing storage fitness chair

It can be stored in a standing position and does not take up space at home. Say goodbye to the limitation of traditional fitness chairs that can only be laid flat. The 5-level height adjustment can accommodate different training modes, making it easy to effectively utilize home space and combine the functionality of the gym.

▲Fashionable Glacier White

▲Delicate matte black texture

1. Exclusive standing storage saves home space

The exclusive standing storage function allows you to easily create a home training space in just one-third of the space of a traditional fitness chair, getting rid of the traditional fitness chair design.

2. Labor-saving folding tripod makes it more convenient

The tripod design with damping feel makes folding and unfolding the tripod more convenient and faster.

3. The safety bolt is more secure to use

It makes the training use more stable, prevents the chair legs from shaking, and has a weight resistance of 250 kg. The double guarantee of the safety latch gives you a full sense of security.

4. Five levels of height adjustment, switch training actions at will

It has five levels of height: 0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, and 83°. It can be easily adjusted with one hand to suit various training movements without having to lift the back of the chair.

5. Not only beautiful! More comfortable cushion thickness

The texture and appearance are meticulously painted, and the seat cushions are filled with comfortable foam, providing a super high-looking fitness chair.

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