【BYZOOM ╳ DREAM CUP】 2023 Dream Cup Rookie Competition

【BYZOOM ╳ DREAM CUP】 2023夢想盃新秀大賽

Live event to announce new concept product of fall-resistant 100-pound adjustable dumbbells

On the same day, Coach Mengduo and Coach Kai also came to BYZOOM to experience the world's exclusive 100-pound adjustable dumbbell. After using it, Coach Kai said that the operation felt very stable and he admired the texture of the product. The staff on the side of us listened. Quite exciting!

100 pound activity record holder

Ethan , a fitness coach from the north, has set a super hardcore record of 33 consecutive challenges in one go. He is truly worthy of being the Rookie King of the 2022 IFBB Taiwan Professional Competition !

Byzoom exclusively sponsors the wonderful records of the players’ warm-up area

Witness the concentration and seriousness of the contestants before taking the stage

Special thanks to the organizer for the invitation to the Dream Cup Rookie Competition, which opened up the opportunity for BYZOOM to interact with athletes. I would also like to thank all the athletes who came to participate in the event to make this event more perfect.

Let BYZOOM be your strongest partner on the training road in the days to come!