Home fitness style·Defined by you

Still wondering how to set up a home gym?

Byzoom selects a variety of fashionable home fitness styles for you. Use our fashionable fitness equipment to transform your space to create a unique home gym!


LADY GYM, the ultimate feminine quality

Style fitness enthusiasts who pay attention to design aesthetics, how to arrange an exclusive fitness space at home, which is not only a living space but also an exclusive gym!

▍Fitness type ▍
⓵Style fitness enthusiasts who pay attention to body lines and also care about product design aesthetics ⓶Medium fitness exercises that maintain a fixed amount of training 2 to 3 times a week ⓷Carefully select fashionable home objects to personally create a healing me time of happiness at home

▍Home space style ▍
Nordic minimalist style, fresh and bright, modern wabi-sabi style, wooden floor

▍How to start building? ▍
Use BYZOOM's Pure series, which is specially designed for women, with the unique fashionable texture and shape of Glacier White, combined with the product's high-performance weight switching feature. Even if you want to use dumbbells and barbells at the same time, you can quickly switch instantly to meet your diverse needs. training mode. Its elegant and soft color system also allows you to pay attention to the taste of home space. Whether it is placed in the living room or study room at home, you only need a corner to cast a charming magic on your overall space!