Home fitness style·Defined by you

Still wondering how to set up a home gym?

Byzoom selects a variety of fashionable home fitness styles for you. Use our fashionable fitness equipment to transform your space to create a unique home gym!


GARAGE GYM BEASTS Hardcore Fitness Behemoth

A fitness giant who pursues self-breakthrough and all-round strengthening of muscle lines, how to create a fitness giant in a corner of your home to meet the training requirements of a fitness giant while also strengthening self-willpower breakthrough training!

▍Fitness type ▍
⓵ Those who are determined to get good rankings in bodybuilding/bodybuilding competitions and obtain professional cards⓶ The pursuit of maintaining high muscle mass and silky texture throughout the body⓶ The strong bodybuilders who constantly want to make breakthroughs in resistance training or body shape ⓷A serious fitness fanatic who feels bad all over after not exercising for a day

▍Home space style ▍
Industrial style, clear water mold, modern minimalist style, dark gray and calm color system

▍How to start building? ▍
Fitness masters have often developed the habit of high fitness frequency, so their brains have built-in scientific weight training formulas, so as long as they prepare basic core training items, including weight training chairs and large-scale adjustable dumbbells, even if You can efficiently complete most of your daily training schedule in the living room or garage at home. And because fitness strongmen train more frequently than ordinary people, we recommend that when selecting products, you must also evaluate whether the quality is durable and durable, so that when you want to make a breakthrough in resistance training in the future, you can train to exhaustion. The product can withstand the test. The BYZOOM super-massive training set contains the #world's heaviest quick-select weight, which can provide the stimulation of giant weights required by fitness experts, and also has the ability to quickly switch weights, becoming your best partner on the road to fitness growth!