/EP2/ — Elegant Home Gym ➜ Stylish fitness enthusiast

/EP2/ — Elegant Home Gym ➜ 風格健身客
Our design blends with modern home furnishings seamlessly. We offer the most weight variety and the most space saving equipment on the market. It is beautiful and effective, and will definitely wow your visitors
▍Recommended for ▍
⓵ Fitness enthusiasts who enjoy working out in style
⓶ Those who like to exercise 3-4 times a week
⓷ Anyone who carefully selects fitness products and considers them part of their decoration
▍Home gym style ▍
Wooden floor, country style, modern European style, cozy warm style.
▍Features ▍
Place the glacier white kettlebells, barbell or dumbbells anywhere in your house and watch how they fit right in. They will elevate your home gym to a new level so you can work out in style and wow any visitors. Space-saving in its design you can fit it anywhere in just a corner of your house.
▍Add-ons for the gym ▍
⓵ 75LB Adjustable Dumbbell
⓶ Adjustable Dumbbell Stand
⓷ 80LB Adjustable Barbell
⓸ 50LB Adjustable Kettlebell
⑤ Foldable Bench

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