The world's only 21-segment weight adjustment - 75LB adjustable dumbbell | officially launched

全球唯一 21 段重量調整 - 75LB 可調式啞鈴 | 正式上線

Innovation, ultimate functionality

On the road to six-pack muscles, mermaid lines, Sichuan muscles, shark muscles, bullet muscles, and various ideal bodies, you must have a heavy-weight adjustable dumbbell. Adjustable dumbbells designed for those with fitness needs, "extremely fast adjustment", "21 weights", "large weight", "metal bite handles", "new texture and safe design appearance", "the entire set of dumbbells does not take up space" ”.

1. Intelligent design, the weight can be changed as you wish

The world's first 21 weights, 10-75LB, satisfy the ultimate training from "fitness novices" to "fitness giants". Whether it is the "Decrescent Set", "Super Set" or "Giant Set" commonly used by giants, or the popular "Pyramid Training Method", it can be adjusted and transformed quickly, getting rid of the trouble of disassembly and assembly of traditional removable adjustable dumbbells!

2. Smart design, change the size as you like

The length can be changed according to different weights, breaking through the traditional fixed size limit. Adjusting the length as the weight changes can be easily operated with one hand, making training more diverse and convenient.

3.21 weights, switch at will

Is your home not big enough? Don’t be afraid, the 10-75LB adjustable dumbbells allow you to achieve true home fitness, no matter how much weight you need.

4. Delicately painted unique diamond-shaped bite pattern

The metal material of the 75LB adjustable dumbbell handle and the rhombus design are dedicated to every fitness enthusiast who cares about the feel of holding the bar. It can give you an excellent fitness experience even if your hands are often sweaty.

5. Textured appearance and safe design

The textured cast iron design and appearance are guaranteed by patents in many countries. The safety has been tested by professionals more than 8,000 times, providing you with high-quality adjustable dumbbells.

Best selling in millions - BYZOOM 75 lbs adjustable dumbbells officially launched

Byoom Fitness 75LB adjustable dumbbells can be adjusted in 21 "light", "medium" and "heavy" weights from 10LB to 75LB. Whether it is a beginner user who has just started exercising or an advanced trainer, it can be adjusted according to different needs. Muscle groups can be easily adjusted to suit the weight. A set of adjustable dumbbells can meet the needs of multiple weights. You can exercise at home whenever you want. There is no longer an excuse for being lazy and exercising outside.

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